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KSH's Sheron Lear Honored at NSH 2017

A huge congratulations to Sheron Lear!! What an extraordinary honor to a very extraordinary person. Sheron has so much enthusiasm for the field of histotechnology. Listening to her speak gives everyone in the field more enthusiasm. Thank you for being a great example of what a career in histotechnology can and should be. You are a great friend and mentor. Your continued enthusiasm is contagious to those around you. Congratulatuons for being named the 2017 Histotechnologist of the Year.


Self-Testing (Assessment) Site by NSH

NSH has deveoped a Self Assessment Series to help histotechs achieve a new level of professional growth and recognition. The Self Assessment Series is designed as an aid to prepare you for the HT(ASCP) certification. There are 14 modules to the series. You may purchase each module separately or as one complete product.

Each module will provide you with a study mode for you to use as much as you wish as well as a test mode for you to assess your skills by taking practice tests.

Contact Hours will be awarded after the completion of each module. You must complete and pass the post test in order to receive hours. A certificate will be awarded once you have passed the test.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone. It is our desire to provide you with the most current and up-to-date information that is accurate, credible and has educational value.

Carrie Diamond
Executive Director, NSH

**Please be sure to visit the Meeting Content section for education available from our live events.

  • The HT(ASCP) Certification is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and designate histology professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of histology. The HT(ASCP) certification stands as a mark of excellence and has evolved to reflect what it takes to succeed in the field of histology.

    Getting your HT(ASCP) isn’t simply a one-time thing, but an ongoing commitment to professional growth. Professionals holding the HT(ASCP) certification pledge to continually advance their knowledge and achieve higher levels of excellence in the science.

  • The Essential Credential in Histology

By earning the HT(ASCP), you are preparing yourself for continued success in your histology career.

  • Those possessing the HT(ASCP) credential are universally recognized as exemplary laboratory professionals held to the highest standards.
  • Professionals holding the HT(ASCP) designation actively advance, support, and promote patient care and the profession of histology





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