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The KSH listserve has been established to link our membership across the state. The University of Kentucky has agreed to host our society listserve -

The listserve can function effectively for KSH members in various ways. Notifications of meetings, symposia, etc. can be disseminated to all members electronically, without having to maintain your own email file of addresses, by sending this information to the listserve email address above.

More importantly, the listserve can serve as a forum for discussion, problem solving, etc. For example, if a member has a question concerning a technique, or a problem associated with a technique, they could simply send an email to the listserve outlining the problem and anyone with a suggestion/remedy could respond. All members of the listserve see the problem and the remedies suggested by our society members. In addition these responses can be archived for searching at a later date.

The listserve will be a valuable addition to the website and society as a whole only if you, as an active member of the KSH, participate. Please keep in mind that attachments are not encouraged to be forwarded through the listserve - particularly large jpeg images. It is most effective to paste any attachment into the text of the message. For example, notification and/or reminder of an upcoming KSH meeting is a very appropriate way to use the listserve.  In the text of the message link the reader to the website where more detailed information, as well as the ability to download driving instructions etc. can be obtained. This makes effective use of both the listserve and the website.

To be added to the listserve simply email the listserve editor ( requesting this.  You should receive notification from the listserve host welcoming you to the KSH listserve.  Only listserve members can post messages through the listserve.

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